Wild Arizona Weather and Accidents

The monsoon season is well underway here in Tempe, AZ. As a driver, driving during the monsoon can prove to be pretty intimidating for good reason. The department of transportation reports that approximately 19% of all accident injuries are from weather-related accidents. The vast majority on these weather-related accidents happen on wet pavement and during rainfall.

While things have heated up this week in the valley, it does not mean drivers are free from the wraths of the monsoon season. The Arizona department of transportation sent out this tweet recently of a small downpour.

These small storms can still produce heavy winds and cause wet roads.  Defensive driving is important to keep in mind when driving in the bad weather. One way of being proactive about defensive driving is being aware of storms heading your way. Via their twitter account, the national weather service can be a great resources on staying in the loop of when storms are nearby.

If you do happen to find yourself in a middle of a storm the Arizona department of transportation has released their “Pull aside, stay alive” campaign for the 2018 monsoon season.

The reason storms are so dangerous to driving is because of the way they affect visibility and pavement conditions. Lowered visibility caused by blowing dust and heavy rain can be hazardous to everyone on the road. Wet pavement increases the braking distance on your car and those around you. Be sure to watch out for the hazards of driving in our summer weather, especially when the hazard is other drivers not paying attention.

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