Lane Splitting vs Lane Filtering in Arizona 

Last year, Arizona passed a new law allowing motorcyclists to “lane filter.” Lane filtering refers to the practice of two-wheeled vehicles riding between lanes of stopped traffic. Arizona is now the fourth state to allow lane filtering, while California remains the only state to legally allow lane splitting. 

What is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting, also known as “white lining,” is the act of riding between lanes of slower moving traffic traveling in the same direction – which is still illegal in 49 states, including Arizona. 

When is Lane Filtering Legal?

  • When the posted speed limit does not exceed 45 miles per hour
  • When the motorcycle is not traveling faster than 15 miles per hour when filtering
  • When vehicles are stopped
  • When the street is divided into at least two adjacent lanes in the same direction of travel

Effective as of September 24, 2022, lane filtering is only permitted when all the above of these circumstances are present. Meaning it does not allow riders to pass on the shoulder or the median at any time. This law is solely meant for 2-wheeled motorcycles, which does not include Trike, Spyder, Slingshot or Ural sidecar riders. The act of lane filtering not only helps the motorcycle from overheating and reduces traffic congestion on the road, but more importantly it decreases the chance of the motorcyclist being rear-ended. To read more about Arizona’s Lane Filtering law “Senate Bill 1273” signed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, go to:

On average, each year in Arizona there are 160 people killed due to motorcycle collisions – according to ADOT. If you or a loved one have been injured while riding a motorcycle, call Vrana Law Firm today for a free consultation at 480-359-6002.


Tomorrow (6/21) is National Motorcycle Day, and Kel at Vrana Law Firm wants to help keep everyone on the roads safe and aware of Arizona laws – especially when it comes to “lane splitting” and “lane filtering.” motorcycle motorcycletok rulesoftheroad motorcyclesafety motorcyclesafetyawareness nationalmotorcycleday lanesplitting lanefiltering lanefilteringislegal arizonalaw azlaw azlawyer

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