Meet Our Team

At Vrana Law Firm, you get personal attention with proven results. Our skilled attorneys and legal team are with you every step of the case to ensure maximum recovery.

Larger firms aren’t able to treat every client with the focused, one-to-one attention they deserve. Kel Vrana started Vrana Law Firm with this in mind. Kel wanted to create a space where his team could worry less about overhead and marketing and instead concentrate on giving each client direct, undistracted care and attention. Everything we do is driven by this unified goal, and it’s why Vrana Law Firm has become a trusted and repeat partner among our clients. 

Kel Vrana, Founder and Managing Attorney

Kel Vrana is managing attorney and founder of Vrana Law Firm. Practicing in Arizona since 2011, he focuses on cases in personal injury, diminished value claims, and general practice.

Managing Attorney, Kel Vrana

Chandra Lehn, Partner

Personal Injury attorney Chandra Lehn (formerly Farris) is a partner at Vrana Law Firm. Practicing in Arizona since 2012, Chandra focuses on cases in personal injury, diminished value claims, premises liability, accidents involving government entities, and other areas of personal injury.

Partner attorney, Chandra Lehn

Derick Lysene, Attorney

Derick Lysene previously worked for the plaintiff and defense team and knows how to maximize case value. He has been practicing law since 2019, and focuses on cases in personal injury and diminished value.

Attorney Derick Lysene

Bruce Squire,

Now retired after 40 years practicing law, Bruce Squire brings decades of experience in personal injury as a former attorney and certified specialist in wrongful death and personal injury litigation. Bruce lends his expertise on our toughest cases, helping Vrana Law Firm maximize client recoveries.

Retired Attorney, Bruce Squire