Complications of Accidents
when Living with Cancer

Accidents are traumatic. Discovering a cancer diagnosis during your treatment can be even more devastating. We work with clients who are diagnosed with cancer as part of injury treatment or who may have added complications due to sustaining an injury while living with cancer.

Overlap between what might have been pre-existing or unrelated and what’s a result of your accident becomes challenging to navigate. The insurance company will want to separate out from the accident your cancer diagnosis and any other injuries they deem possibly unrelated to your case. It often comes down to who has the highest quality evidence to make a sound argument. We want that to be you.

Vrana Law Firm knows the fight we’re up against in these cases. We employ resources to give you the best chance at recovery, including a dedicated, certified oncology nurse and legal nurse consultant on staff to support the details of your case.

If you’re struggling not only with injuries caused by someone else’s negligence but with cancer or other conditions insurance companies will attempt to dissociate from your accident, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney at Vrana Law Firm.

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