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In Arizona, dog owners are strictly liable for the actions of their dog. If you were bitten or otherwise hurt in a dog attack, Arizona law supports your right to be compensated for your damages.

Who’s responsible in Arizona for dog bites?

In nearly all cases, the owner is responsible due to “strict liability” law. But in reality, homeowners or renter insurance for the property where the dog is kept is where the money for your damages comes from.

What kind of treatment for my injuries will I need?

Depending on the severity of the bite or other injury you sustained, you may need infection control, treatment to prevent or repair scarring, or physical therapy to restore functionality to your damaged limbs.

How do I pay for treatment and recover damages?

This question depends on your case. Is the dog owner liable? Is there insurance coverage? Your options include using your health insurance, upfront cash payments, or treating with providers on a lien. The different choices each have advantages and disadvantages.

Injuries besides bites?

Injuries besides bites caused by the dog attack are also included in your damages. This could include injuries from falls, climbing fences to get away, etc.

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The Components of an Arizona Dog Bite Claim

Who compensates you?

Damages from dog bites can range from a scratch to surgery or worse. For severe cases, the dog owner may not have the money or desire to compensate you. You could sue the owner, but this process is lengthy, complicated and could result in the owner declaring bankruptcy to avoid payment.

Home insurance or renters insurance is the preferred source of compensation. The challenge can be locating the policy. If the dog owner is cooperative you may be able to handle this between yourselves and then you can argue with the insurance company for payment. If the dog owner does not want to tell you about the insurance (or lack of insurance) you may have to sue to compel them.

Stressful activities increase the risk of bites.

How do I pay for treatment and recover damages on my Arizona dog bite claim

How you pay for treatment is an important part of the strategy involved in maximizing the compensation you receive in your pocket when all is said and done. The insurance wants to pay as little as possible. Additionally, as the claimant you have the legal responsibility to minimize your damages. This basically means you must take common sense steps to fix the problem as efficiently as possible. Those steps depend on your situation but a general principle is to get the treatment you need and follow medical advice.

You might choose to pay for treatment through health insurance. Depending on your plan you could be out-of-pocket for copays and/or coinsurance. However, your insurance plan also might have a right of subrogation. This means the insurance plan could turn around and demand you pay them back after you receive a settlement.

Some providers allow you to make up front cash payments. The provider may offer a discount in this case. However, you are fronting the money and are not guaranteed a settlement or reimbursement from the dog owner or their insurance. Larger injuries or recurring treatments will probably be too expensive to pay for up front for most budgets.

Some providers let you treat on a lien. This means the provider is waiting to be paid until there is an insurance settlement. We work with many providers who will treat you on a lien knowing we are working to insure you receive a settlement.


Owners must control their dogs in public. A harness and leash protect the dog and others.

Why are they paying you? Damages for Arizona dog bite claims

Dog bites are categorized by severity. A low severity bite may not leave a mark or cause permanent damage. Though it’s frustrating the dog was out of control (even more troubling if this happens regularly or small children are at risk), your damages probably aren’t high enough to justify the work of taking legal action. 

If a severe bite has led to scaring, the need for physical therapy, or even permanent loss of function, the damages can be very large. One trip to the emergency room could earn you bills from the hospital, the doctor, AND the xray technicians. These and other bills related to treatment for the injuries caused by the dog make up your damages. 

General pain and suffering compensation might be added on top of your medical bills. Many people have heard of pain and suffering, but overestimate the insurance’s willingness to pay it. If the insurance doesn’t think they’re at risk of losing more in trial, they will try and pay out as little as possible. The insurance would much rather keep that money and give it to their shareholders because, after all, they are a business. They might even argue that they shouldn’t even pay your whole medical bills because they think part of the injury was your fault or was exacerbated by a preexisting condition. 

Owners should keep dogs safe and secure.

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