Meet our Bilingual Team

Here at Vrana Law Firm, we have an entire bilingual team of native Spanish speakers ready to assist you!

Brisa, Adriana, Viviana, Jorge and John

Jorge Cortez

Jorge is one of our stellar pre-litigation paralegals! He just celebrated his six year work-iversary with us in May. He was born in El Salvador, and moved to Arizona when he was nine years old. Spanish was his first language and he still speaks it every day with his family. In his free time, he loves to hike and take photographs of the beautiful scenery he sees along the way. In September, Jorge and his wife, Kayla, are expecting their first child together!

Adriana Cruz

Adriana started out as a receptionist at Vrana Law Firm in 2017, making this her sixth year with the firm. Last year, she was promoted to the litigation team where she is now a legal assistant. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves to spend time with her family when she is not working. Adriana is currently expecting her 3rd baby girl this year with her partner, Carlos!

Brisa Hernandez

Brisa is our receptionist, and she has been a part of our team for over a year now. She was born in El Paso, Texas, but her family is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico – making Spanish the first language she learned! Outside of work she loves to go off-roading and spend time at the river jet skiing with her three kids. Brisa is looking forward to all her fellow coworkers having children this year, and she is hoping to be a Godmother to one! 

Viviana Perezdeleon

Viviana is another one of our pre-litigation paralegals. She started at Vrana Law Firm in 2022 and will be taking maternity leave in July as she is expecting her first child this year as well! She was born in California, while her family is originally from Mexico City and Tijuana, Mexico. When she is not at work, Viviana enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.

Delmis Espinoza

Delmis started out as a legal assistant this year and is currently training to become a litigation paralegal. Her mother was born in Mexico, so Spanish was Delmis’ first language growing up. She loves to read, draw and watch crime documentaries with her dog, Dante. Her favorite part about being with our team is seeing how dedicated everyone is to helping clients get the best possible results in the end!

John Tyler

John is our office manager, and he is celebrating his seventh year with Vrana Law Firm this August! While Spanish is not his first language, he understands and speaks it very well. He was able to learn the language by taking classes, and talking with his friends who speak Spanish. When he is not fixing the sink or printer at work, he loves going to the mountains and doing projects around the house. He enjoys when clients come in with questions and we help them feel confident with our answers before they leave. John and his wife, Callie, are also expecting their first child this year!

Kel Vrana

Kel is the founder and managing attorney here. He founded Vrana Law Firm in 2015, and will be celebrating eight years of helping clients in October. While he took Spanish in high school and college, he found working in the kitchen at Outback Steakhouse to be where he picked up his best understanding of the language. His Spanish might not be the best, but he is always willing to try speaking with our clients in their native language to make them feel the most comfortable. When he is not busy being the boss at work, he loves to play volleyball and try delicious new foods.