Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are our primary area of experience. There is a range of ways that an accident can happen as well as damages a person can suffer. An auto accident is not always “cut and dry.” It is for this very reason that we will often have clients demonstrate with model vehicles how an accident occurred. We understand if you needed these models to explain your accident to us, the insurance adjusters probably don’t have a full understanding of how the accident occurred. It is our job to help navigate you through this difficult process. The three main components to an auto accident are injury, property damage and liability.

Even if the circumstances of the accident are clear, the circumstances of the injuries are rarely clear. In extreme situations, we have seen what appeared to be a basic whiplash injury turn into an issue that requires surgical repair such as microdisectomy. While we are not doctors, we are experienced at fighting with the insurance companies to make sure they understand your injuries were all caused by your accident. Because we are familiar with these injuries, we know what to look for when we review your medical records.

Property damage entails both your vehicle and belongings. We will work to make sure that your vehicle repairs are appropriately taken care of and that if your vehicle is a total loss you receive a fair payout. Additionally, we will help ensure that you are reimbursed for any property within your vehicle that may have been damaged. Many people fail to recognize a car seat should be replaced after an accident. We will make sure that the insurance company is considering your car seat as part of your property damage.

If your vehicle is repaired it probably lost some value. Not every case is a candidate for a claim for loss of value, but we will be happy to discuss the possibility with you. Regardless of whether your car was totaled or repaired, we will fight for your right to a rental car or reimbursement for the loss of use of your vehicle.

Finally, one of the most frustrating parts of a case to deal with can be liability. In the state of Arizona the law allows for a case to not be 100% the fault of one party. This can become frustrating when you are not at fault, but the insurance companies are slowly trying to determine how many other parties are at fault and their level of responsibility. Furthermore, the other driver’s insurance company will be constantly looking for a way to put some of the blame for the accident on you. This is especially prevalent with accidents involving one party making a left hand turn. We have the experience and knowledge to fight for you in these situations.