The Claims Process from a Client’s Perspective

Kel was my lawyer when I had to deal with an injury claim a few years ago. It all started when I was driving home from the grocery store and suddenly I heard tires screeching. I looked to my left just in time to see a gravel truck run the red light and plow into me.

Say what you will about Hyundai Accents, but mine held up pretty well. I got spun around about one and a half times and ended up in the middle of the intersection. My curtain airbag had gone off and my driver side door was pushed in about 6 inches into the cab. I thought I was ok and limped over to the curb to get out of traffic. But then the truck driver came over and started trying to convince me that I didn’t need to call the cops and his cousin could fix up my car better than new.

At this point I noticed my head was foggy and I couldn’t keep track of what this guy was saying. I didn’t want to be taken advantage of, so first I called the police. Second, I called Kel to get an idea of what I should do. He recommended a good ER and told me to come by his office in the next few days to get set up with a treatment plan.

At the ER they took a CT scan that showed I had a concussion and also diagnosed me with soft tissue damage. I took this info to my meeting with Kel, where I signed up for him to be my lawyer. He was able to set me up to see a doctor who turned out to be really great. He also worked out a billing arrangement where all the costs were put on a medical lien and I did not have to make any payments up front.

Once that was all set up, the only part of treatment I had to worry about was just showing up. That was good because I was also dealing with work, finding a new car, and classes. During that time, I’d get calls from Kel’s office checking on my progress and giving me updates on my case. After about two months I was feeling back to normal. When my treatment was completed Kel was able to take the full cost to the insurance company and begin negotiating.

After a few weeks of back and forth with the insurance dragging their feet, Kel got back to me with their final offer. He discussed it with me, and the other option of going to court to fight things out there. However, the number he brought back was fine for what I felt like I’d been through and I didn’t see the need to go to court. So, like that, my settlement was complete.

After a few days I was able to pick up the settlement check from Kel’s office. It was nice to get that, but over all it was even better to be feeling back to normal. I thanked Kel and his staff for helping me get through that hassle with minimum frustration and on with my life. I thought he did a great job and recommend him to my friends whenever they need a lawyer.