What difference does a lawyer make?

I recently had a client come to me with a diminished value claim (when another person’s insurance has to compensate you for your damaged vehicle’s lost value). On his own, he had done everything right up to that point. He paid to have an expert report done and submitted it to the insurance company as part of his claim. According to his report the vehicle had lost well over $10,000.00 in value. However, the insurance company was offering less than $3,000.00 and wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t fair, but he was stuck.

Your lawyer can push the right buttons.

In less than a week’s time I was able to point out the relevant law and the insurance company made an offer of their remaining policy limits. In a perfect world I would not have been necessary, however the insurance company is not there to assist you. Dragging their feet when they can get away with it is a tactic to save money. Had the client contacted me sooner I likely would have resolved his case even faster and potentially incurred less costs.

Your lawyer can plan treatment strategically

An important challenge is controlling the medical bills to be sure there is sufficient insurance so as not to leave the client in debt. It is my job to understand what providers will help maximize each client’s treatment and allow for the maximum recovery for each client, both from a medical improvement and monetary compensation standpoint. Not only is it our job to look out for you, but to educate you on what processes we will be following for your case and what options are available to you.

If you’re considering calling an attorney for an injury, remember we will always provide a free consultation that we are sincerely happy to give you. If you have questions and I can be of help give us a call today.