Motorcycle Accidents

Not surprisingly, some of the most horrific accidents we have seen involve motorcycle injuries.  The biggest problem with severe injury cases becomes whether there are sufficient funds to protect the individual that was harmed. As an extreme example, we resolved a case involving a motorized bicycle for a client with medical bills in excess of $500,000.00 when there was only $15,000.00 in available auto insurance. And it still allowed the client to receive a portion of that settlement as personal compensation.

Motorcycle safety can be a key part of your case. While helmet laws in Arizona are non-existent, you are still assuming the risk of injury when you choose to ride without a helmet. However, this does not change the fault of the motorcycle accident itself.

If you have been involved in a severe motorcycle accident you may have a long road of recovery ahead. If your health insurance requires co-pays, the task of paying for each visit may become daunting. We can work with you to help manage these costs and in some circumstances cases can be settled before you are even done treating.