Vrana Law Firm Turns Two!

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The Vrana Law Firm TeamThis week we were excited to celebrate the completion of two full years in business. Our second year has been a year of growth. We’ve added three new members to our team. This growth was thanks to the generous referrals from clients to friends and family as well as our hustle to bring them in great results on their cases.

Aa part of that growth, the major change in our third year is our new, larger Tempe office. We are in the same building, but now occupy the large suite at the front door. This larger space allows us to offer even more services and comfort for our clients. Our two dedicated conference rooms give us a larger and more comfortable space to meet with clients. We’ve hosted depositions and other legal proceedings in house, reducing the stress and travel distance for our clients. Clients have been able to meet with the attorney while having family members present through the speaker phone. And if there is a question about roadway design or how the accident occurred, we can pull up Google Maps on the wall mounted TV and explore the street view photography to analyze the accident.

Another milestone was the installation of our street signage. We were excited to design and order a brand-new sign for installation in the monument along Baseline Road outside our Tempe office. The Vrana Law Firm maroon V is now proudly displayed right at the parking lot entrance. Starting from a single office to having our name on the building in two years has been an exciting journey and we’re looking forward to continuing this success.

For our third year, we are still focusing on what has made us successful:

  • Kel and Chandra remain available to everyone for calls and questions; the attorney phones ring every time you call
  • Anyone in an accident can come in or call for a free consultation and speak directly with an accident lawyer
  • If you hire us again, or refer someone who hires us, we offer a discounted pre-litigation rate to those referrals
  • We are still one of the few firms who fight for diminished value claims even without an associated injury claim

Thank you for helping us celebrate our third year in business.  Any time you or someone you know needs the help of a Tempe accident attorney you can trust, give us a call and we will get to work for you.