Questions Answered: should I give a recorded statement?

Answer: not right away, but you may have to eventually. There are times when you will be required to give a recorded statement. However, if you’ve already given one to your insurance company it is generally in your best interest not to give another. Your insurance company will share their recording with the opposing insurance company and if you give two statements they will look for any inconsistencies. Additionally, if you give a recorded statement early on and your case ends up in a lawsuit later you will typically have to make another statement at that time. It would be nearly impossible to give identical statements months or even years apart.

If you choose to have the Vrana Law Firm represent you for your accident and you are required to give a recorded statement we will meet with you when the statement is given to keep the insurance company from overreaching. If you are considering giving a recorded statement and you are considering hiring any attorney we highly encourage you to at least meet with an attorney before giving such a statement. As always we are more than happy to provide you with a free face to face consultation with an attorney.