What is a medical lien? 

After receiving treatment for an accident, you may be notified of a lien filed against you. It sounds startling, but actually is just a notification that you are legally obligated to pay this debt back from whatever compensation you receive from insurance. A lien could be filed by the hospital, physician, therapist, or anyone who treats your injuries caused by the accident.

  • Liens are an obligation to repay a debt
  • A lien holder can come after your settlement for repayment
  • An attorney can negotiate down the amount owed in a lien

Is this cost fixed? Will there be enough money to cover you medical bills? Liens raise several important and potentially stressful questions. An advantage to having an attorney is that they can explain how a lien affects your particular case and communicate with your insurance, treatment providers and lien holders to resolve the issue.

When working with injured clients, Kel’s priority is helping clients focus on their treatment rather than having to worry about payment and liens. Additionally, he is the one who negotiates against the insurance companies to win a settlement or take the case to trial. If you would like to find out how your case and potential settlement is affected by a medical lien, Kel can discuss it with you at a free consultation meeting.

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