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How We Protect Your Accident Claim

Speak with an Actual Attorney

At Vrana Law Firm, you first speak with an actual attorney to review your accident. An attorney is the only person qualified to give legal advice. They’re the ones who can spot critical issues like

  • Statutory deadlines that, if missed, can ruin your case
  • Additional sources of insurance to fully compensate you
  • Additional parties to the claim that, if missed, could delay or derail your case
  • Unreasonably high hospital bills that could be reduced, putting more money in your pocket

Discount to Returning Clients, Friends and Family

Anyone referred by a former client and any returning clients are eligible for a discounted attorney fee. We appreciate your continued trust and are happy to fight for you, your friends and family. We’re so grateful to have high numbers of client referals since our start in 2015.

Vrana Law Firm pursues compensation for your vehicle's diminished value

Help with Property Damage

We represent you for personal injury, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore everything else. Our attorneys also consider your property damage when advising on your case. We often help our clients deal with the insurance regarding loss of use payments or accessing rental vehicles. We don’t take a fee for basic help like that, it’s just the right thing to do for our clients.

Give us a call to speak with an attorney

We're happy to review your case and schedule a free consultation to get your questions answered