Should you give a recorded statement after an accident?

Should you give a recorded statement after an accident?

If you are being pressured and ask yourself, “should I give a recorded statement,” consider why the other party is insisting. Insurance companies ask for recorded statements to investigate accidents. If they get you on tape several times they will be looking for inconsistencies in the story to assign fault for the accident. They may also press you for more information or speculation that may hurt your position.

  • Recorded statements can be used against you
  • Insurance companies try to catch mistakes and discrepancies
  • An attorney can reduce the risk and hassle of negotiating with the insurance

Be careful not to let an insurance company take advantage of your willingness to help. The assistance of an attorney can ensure they play fair and discourage any overreach. The Vrana Law Firm’s goal for each client is to work closely to keep you comfortable and the insurance company accountable. You can call for a free initial meeting with Kel to discuss your case before agreeing to give a recorded statement to the insurance company.

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More information on recorded statements can be found here.

Our attorneys work directly with you on your case. You can talk to them before giving a recorded statement.

Personal injury lawyer Kel Vrana founded the Vrana Law Firm to offer individualized service to clients for diminished value claims and personal injury claims. If you are wondering “should I give a recorded statement?” you can speak directly with attorneys Kel Vrana or Chandra Lehn to discuss recovering your vehicle’s lost value, finding medical treatment, holding the other party accountable and whatever else your case may require. If you have been in an accident in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or elsewhere in the East Valley we can meet you in our Tempe office, or over the phone