Trust the Personal Injury Firm Putting Clients First

While some personal injury attorneys are posing for billboards and recording radio spots, we’re pursuing top dollar for client cases. 

Attorneys at Vrana Law Firm put clients first

Large media campaigns and unnecessary overhead can eat into a personal injury firm’s limited resources. At Vrana Law Firm, we choose to invest our time and money in pursuing maximum recovery for clients. You won’t see us on billboards and buses, and that’s by design. We keep our caseload small, we know our clients by face and name, and stand by our promise to work hard for you above all else. 

The Vrana Law Firm brand promise is personal attention, proven results. That means we make business decisions with our clients top of mind. 

We know an injury – no matter its severity – can disrupt your life in big ways. We also know insurance claims and treatment plans can be complicated and difficult to navigate. You may not be familiar with the practices insurance providers use to protect their bottom line, but you also aren’t comfortable leaving your health and financial wellbeing in someone else’s hands. Our number one goal is to get you the best outcome; the same we’d want for ourselves and the people we care about. We’re strategically staffed and dedicated to making you as whole as possible for medical needs and asset damages. 

We focus on helping injured clients recover

Whether it’s a car accident, a workplace injury, an unfortunate incident out in the community, our full service legal team has the resources to help optimize your recovery. Each of our attorneys has been dedicated to personal injury cases in Arizona since the beginning of their practice. Additionally, we work with consultants who are seasoned experts in their field, including a legal nurse consultant and former attorney and certified specialist in wrongful death and personal injury litigation. Not only can we take on at-fault parties and insurance with confidence, we can help you find medical providers and arrange to defer your treatment costs until after settlement. 

Consultations are free and with an attorney

If you’ve called around to other firms or pursued a claim before, you might have started your consultation with an intake specialist. It’s a common practice for some firms, but not one we champion. Intake specialists aren’t legally qualified to advise on your claim and legal options the way an attorney can. That’s why we make a point to schedule our free consultations with a Vrana Law Firm attorney who can give you the best legal guidance in real-time.

If you aren’t able to come in, our attorney can conduct a virtual or phone consultation.

Vrana Law Firm personal injury attorneys personally care for clients

We fight for you, and you don't pay unless we win

We work on a contingency fee, meaning you don’t pay us anything unless we win. This isn’t unique to our Firm. It’s an industry standard and one we uphold. What is more unique is Vrana Law Firm’s low staff-to-case ratio. The way we see it, we do better for you and our team by keeping the caseload smaller.

On average, each of our attorneys is managing around 33-50% the number of cases attorneys at media-heavy firms might juggle. How do we keep the lights on? By successfully settling our cases, earning client trust and word-of-mouth referrals, and not paying for those billboards mentioned above.

We look forward to hearing how we can help you. Contact us by phone or email to schedule your free attorney consultation. Learn more about us here