Arizona Non-Injury Accident Attorneys

Kel and Chandra review the vehicle damage for two clients

From fender benders to frame damage and totaled cars, sometimes people just walk away without a scratch. Then again, soft tissue damage like whiplash can take days to appear in someone who thought they were fine. You might think the at-fault driver’s insurance is doing right by you covering repairs in full, but the truth is you could still be losing money in resale and trade-in value of your car with an accident now on your car history report. You deserve to recover the value your car loses following accident damage. Insurance companies are not thrilled to pay fair values for car value loss and damage, and you may need to pursue a diminished value claim to recover your vehicle’s lost resale value.

  • Not all injuries are immediately evident – it’s common not to feel the effects for days or even weeks
  • An attorney can handle to paperwork and phone calls
  • An attorney can negotiate to recover your vehicle’s lost value

Contacting an attorney is one way to be sure your accident claim is handled easily. An attorney can find documentation such as police reports, communicate with insurance adjusters, and schedule an appointment with a health professional experienced in recognizing accident injuries. An attorney can also help you get a calculated diminished value amount and fight to recover compensation for your vehicle’s damage and lost value.

At Vrana Law Firm we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. You meet with one of our experienced attorneys immediately to see if we can make handling your claim easier and less stressful. If you choose to have Vrana Law Firm represent you, you will also have the convenience of a lawyer keeping you updated on the sometimes slow claims process.

Schedule your free consultation by calling 480-359-6002. More information on non-injury accidents can be found here.

Even for non-injury accidents, our attorneys work directly with you

Personal injury lawyer Kel Vrana founded Vrana Law Firm to offer individualized service to clients for personal injury and diminished value claims. You can speak directly with attorneys Kel Vrana, Chandra Lehn, or Derick Lysene to discuss your non-injury accident case and recovering your vehicle’ lost value, finding medical treatment, holding the other party accountable, and whatever else your case may require. If you have been in an accident in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or elsewhere in the East Valley we can meet you in our Tempe office, or over the phone.