Protecting yourself after a microdiscectomy procedure caused by a car accident

Treatment for microdiscectomy from a car accident

Severe leg pain after a car accident may be caused by a herniated disc. This is when severe trauma causes the compression of the spine which squeezes a disc until the side breaks down and begins to bulge. Your doctor may recommend microdiscectomy as a solution. Web MD describes microdiscectomy as a procedure designed to remove the pressure of a bulging disc on the spinal column or nerve root. The “micro” indicates the use of a microscope to precisely guide the surgeon’s incisions near such fragile tissue. A visualization of the procedure can be found here.

Long term effects of a microdiscectomy from a car accident

After the procedure, there may be pain in sitting for extended periods. There may be the need for additional physical therapy to fully recover.

Your time to return to work depends on your type of job. The Mayo Clinic cautions that your recovery may take two to six weeks. However, jobs involving heavy lifting or more strain may take up to eight weeks of recovery. 

WebMD states initial pain is often decreased by this surgery. However, it is possible that after a period of years, pain may return. An article investigating the outcomes of lumbar microdiscectomy in patients in the military showed 84% were able to return to unrestricted military duty, with 85% feeling satisfied with their surgery. Due to the many variables, it is definitely best to discuss your particular recovery possibilities with your healthcare team.

Costs of microdiscectomy from a car accident

Microdiscectomy is a complicated procedure, involving many separate costs. Depending on the surgical center’s procedures, you can expect a bill from the hospital for the facilities, a bill from the surgeon who performed the procedure, a bill from the anesthesiologist, and possibly others.

If your insurance covers you, your payment will depend on the specific terms of your coverage. However, if your injury was caused by a third party, some insurance companies reserve the right not to pay and may file a lien for repayment. This is called a right of subrogation. If you are working with the other party’s insurance, any money promised to you may be intercepted by companies that file a lien as payment for their bills. These liens can result in you pocketing nothing if not handled correctly.

How an accident injury attorney helps with microdiscectomy from a car accident

An experienced accident attorney can take the following actions for a client:

  • Negotiate with providers to reduce the amount of medical bills and liens
  • Ensure you have the correct documentation for holding the insurance company accountable
  • Ensure the insurance company takes everything into account for your claim’s value
  • Ensure medical bills are tracked and no payments are missed, harming your credit or costing you money down the line
  • Ensure you can access the treatment you need while managing costs
  • Ensure the insurance company takes future treatment costs into account
  • Work to help you get treatment on a lien if necessary

If you are concerned with healthcare costs associated with your car accident, accessing treatment, or making sure the insurance company is taking your injuries into account, Vrana Law Firm offers free consultations with an attorney to discuss your situation.

Kel Vrana and Chandra Lehn are personal injury attorneys with experience handling serious injuries such as microdiscectomy. If you have been in a car accident with severe injuries in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or elsewhere in the East Valley we can meet you in our Tempe office. If you have been in a car accident with severe injuries in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert or elsewhere in the East Valley we can meet you in our Tempe office, or over the phone.