Protecting yourself after a torn labrum caused by a car accident

Treatment for torn labrum from a car accident

The labrum is in the shoulder and hip jointsA labral tear caused by the impact of a car accident is a serious injury. The labrum is the cartilage supporting the ball joint connecting the shoulder and arm. There is also a labrum in the hip joint where the femur rotates against the hip.  A labrum tear is common in athletes who put repeated stress on the joint or older individuals whose cartilage is stiff and more prone to tears. A labrum tear can happen after a car accident when trauma causes extreme stress to the joint. Severity can range from a minor tear to a large tear affecting the bicep muscle as well. The American Academy for Orthopedic Surgeons states that treatment can range from anti-inflamatory drugs, to physical therapy, to arthroscopic surgery.

Long term effects of a torn labrum from a car accident

Depending on which side the labrum tear occurred, your quality of life will be reduced in different ways.  The Hospital of Special Surgery describes the symptoms of a labrum tear as including weakness, pain, and the unpleasant sensation that your shoulder may dislocate under stress. If your dominant arm is affected, every day tasks, such as using a phone, lifting or raising your arm above your head may be painful or difficult. And, depending on the severity of the tear, recovery could take up to two months.

Costs of treating a torn labrum from a car accident

Shoulder anthroscopy diagramTreating a severe labrum tear is complicated, involving many separate costs.  If arthroscopic surgery is required, several medical providers will need to be paid for this treatment. For example, you may get a bill from the surgeon, the surgical facilities, the radiologist, and the anesthesiologist. There will also be follow up appointments with an orthopedist to ensure the tear is healing properly and you reach the best possible recovery outcome.

If your insurance covers you, your payment will depend on the specific terms of your coverage. However, if your injury was caused by a third party, some insurance companies reserve the right not to pay and may file a lien for repayment. This is called a right of subrogation. If you are working with the other party’s insurance, any money promised to you may be intercepted by companies that file a lien as payment for their bills. These liens can result in you pocketing nothing if not handled correctly.

How an accident injury attorney helps with a labral tear caused by a car accident

An experienced accident attorney can take the following actions for a client:

  • Negotiate with providers to reduce the amount of medical bills and liens
  • Ensure you have the correct documentation for holding the insurance company accountable
  • Ensure the insurance company takes everything into account for your claim’s value
  • Ensure medical bills are tracked and no payments are missed, harming your credit or costing you money down the line
  • Ensure you can access the treatment you need while managing costs
  • Ensure the insurance company takes future treatment costs into account
  • Work to help you get treatment on a lien if necessary

If you are concerned with healthcare costs associated with your car accident, accessing treatment, or making sure the insurance company is taking your injuries into account, Vrana Law Firm offers free consultations with an attorney to discuss your situation.

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